Playing Games With The Shadow
RELEASED: April 2, 2016
ARTIST: Kevin Max
LABEL: Blind Thief Recordings
Playing Games with the Shadow

Welcome to my first real album release…. Well, if we are officially counting it is my 12th conceptual solo album not counting remixes or deluxe edition releases. I’m not even counting the dctalk ‘solo’ EP or any other special guest song or appearances. I guess if I was to count how much work I’ve put out as a solo artist since 2001, it would be a long and varied list. I’ve made pop albums, electronic albums, rock albums, spoken word albums, gospel & blues albums etc….

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But this is my first, truly authentic release as it is the first project I have written with absolutely no co-writer collaboration. Now, even going back to my first, ‘Stereotype Be,’ I wrote on every song and influenced it exponentially, but I co-wrote with my friends. I believe in collaboration wholeheartedly, as it sometimes brings out another angle or breathes new life into a section. I’ve co- written throughout my career, sometimes more than others on specific projects. On the album ‘Ravensongs 101’ with Adrian Belew, I wrote every poem, but Adrian wrote the majority of the music. On ‘The Imposter’ I collaborated with the producer Andy Prickett, On ‘Cotes D’ Armor’ I co-wrote with several musicians and producers. As I’ve said, it’s not uncommon for an artist to co-write a song, what is uncommon is to take the journey, completely alone, left in isolation with one’s own thoughts. I can’t say this project, ‘Playing Games With The Shadow’ has no influence from others, as I am recording the album with my friends. But it has been written from the beginning of a melody and lyric, solely by me on a crappy Casio synth and aging upright piano. It just came about naturally, I have been wanting to do it this way for quite some time but I have always had some form of label or distribution company weighing in on the process. I have been lucky in my career to have collaborated with some of the very finest. From Adrian Belew ( David Bowie, Talking Heads ) to John Mark Painter ( Ben Folds, Steve Taylor ), from Erick Cole to Andrew Prickett ( Prayer Chain, Starflyer 59 )…… But on this project it’s basically little old me, writing in the confines of my office in Franklin Tn… Surrounded by books and paintings…. Being constantly interrupted by my beautiful kids and wife, having to let Thor out to walk or ‘take a break’….. I have created this album in relative peace, inside the mind palace of my own imagination. I am extremely excited to offer you the first three songs written for this album. I’ve already written about 16 songs total, but it is after all, about self editing. John Mark Painter produced and arranged ‘Girl with the Tiger Eyes & Election’…. Dwayne Larring & Lynn Nichols produced ‘Muzick is Magic’……. The remaining album deals in the subject of self realization and defeating ones personal fears and obsessions. Every song is written from a place of pure honesty and will not cow to any form of industry standard or radio influence. I am secure in the thought that you will see the true ‘me’ behind the veil, in these 10+ songs, and I can’t wait to let you hear them all in their finished state.

Enjoy, and here’s to a new chapter. KM

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